My name is Ella Adler and I am here to offer you guidance with a FREE intuitive tarot reading. My intuitive and empathetic nature has been active since my early childhood. I’ve always been the type of person to attract  people that need life advice and in need of an open ear to hear their struggles. Even though I grew up in a very conservative Christian family, with a very superstitious mom, I really connect to tarot because its structured advice about life. I see forms of synchronicity and spiritual value in it, but I am not like a typical reader who ONLY sees it from the spiritual mindset.

Approach & Topics

My reading approach will be very honest and respectful. I won’t sugar coat things, but I will approach your reading with compassion. I have a style that is very open minded, non judgemental & creative. You will get a lot out of the reading to think about afterwards. My advice will always encourage personal growth and offer ways to implement that into your daily life. By nature, my intuition is drawn towards the topics of love and relationships most, but it doesn’t end there, it’s just one of my specialties.